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Activ Pest Solutions has been serving the Delmarva region since 2000. Our focus is protecting the health, safety and quality of life for all our customers by maintaining pest free residential and commercial environments. We are a locally owned and operated company that focuses on customer service, exceptional quality, fast response times and environmentally sound solutions to our customers needs.

Our Pest Management Technicians are state certified, highly trained professionals dedicated to customer satisfaction and building lasting relationships through exceptional service.

We would like to thank all the customers who have stood by us as we grew and continue to grow today!

Our Philosophy

What comes to mind when you finally decide to hire a pest control company to combat outdoor or household pests? Do you envision a semi-uniformed character drenching your home in toxic chemicals? Unfortunately this is the stereotype commonly associated with our industry. The technicians at Activ Pest Solutions are a step above the rest. We emphasize a clean, neat appearance for our technicians as well as our service vehicles. Our technicians are trained on a weekly basis. They are brought up to speed on new products and treatment techniques as well as the rules and regulations relating to our industry. Commercial Applicators in niece_2Delaware are held to strict standards by the Department of Agriculture. We are required to hold specific licenses to address specific pest problems. Some examples are Termite, General Pest Control, Mosquito and Turf and Ornamental.

A thorough inspection is the key to managing any pest problem. A free consultation with a technician from Activ Pest Solutions starts with a thorough inspection. As part of the inspection, our technicians will identify the pest, detail any conducive conditions and propose a treatment for the problem. We often find that moisture in or around a structure encourage pest problems. Clogged gutters holding water will provide an ideal breeding site for mosquitoes. A leaky roof or window may provide enough moisture for ants to colonize within your home. Elimination of these moisture sources or “conducive conditions” will assist with and enhance any pest control treatment.

Training and experience gives us and edge on finding solutions to your problems. Our family has been in pest control since 1979. Our objective is to address any pest related issues in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. “Spray” is a general, blanket term that is not in our vocabulary but is often used in our industry. Bathing or haphazardly “spraying” a structure often has little or no effect while introducing unnecessary toxins to groundwater. Our treatments target specific areas in and around your home as they relate to your pest problem. This allows us to address pest issues without adversely impacting the environment. Contact us today for a FREE consultation, 302-645-1502.


Our Team

  • Darin McMahon

    Darin McMahon

    Darin is the founder of Activ Pest Solutions. Along with his brother Sean, a dedicated staff and excellent cliental he has developed one of the premiere pest management companies in the Mid-Atlantic region. With an MBA in business and extensive industry related experience, Darin continues to expand Activ’s horizons through exceeding our clients’ expectations. In his free time he can be found teaching Graduate Business classes at Wilmington University. His hobbies include entrepreneurial ventures, boating, snowboarding and weight lifting. This past June we are pleased to announce that he became a father again with the arrival of his son Cohen River McMahon. His daughter Sage is fast becoming a big sister and his family is doing well.

  • Sean McMahon

    Sean McMahon

    Sean is the co-owner/co-founder and Vice President of Activ Pest Solutions. He is married to his wife Kathy. They have three beautiful children, Cadence, Keagan and Kailey. They currently reside in Lincoln Delaware. Sean heads up the Mosquito Management Program and the Wildlife Management Program along with other administrative duties at Activ Pest Solutions Outside of work and family responsibilities, Sean is an avid outdoorsman spending most of his cooler weather free time hunting in Delaware, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

  • Chrissy Guest

    Chrissy Guest

    Chrissy has been with Activ since 2001. Chrissy is TERMIDOR cerified. She serves as our office manager and scheduling coordinator. Chrissy is fundamental in keeping Activ Pest Solutions one of the top pest control companies in the area. Always a pleasure to work with, Chrissy efficiently handles all of the daily administrative activities to ensure our technicians can serve you in a timely manner. Chrissy was recently married; she treasures time with her husband Chris and two children Diana and Bobby as well as spending time at the beach. Her down time hobbies include custom wreaths and decorations and she is looking forward to your call!

  • Bryan Palen

    Bryan Palen

    Bryan has been employed by Activ for over eleven years. He brings to the table an extensive background in pest management and is well known by our customers as being a likable guy and conversationalist. Bryan is married to wife Bonny and together they run a nonprofit cat rescue called Feral Friends of Millsboro. Bryan has helped many customers resolve their pest problems as well as their feral cat problems. Off duty he can often be found cleaning cages, litter boxes, walking his dog pack, scheduling spay and neuter events and is credited with starting Bob Barker telling the folks on The Price is Right to “Have your pet Spayed or Neutered!” Bryan is a big fan of Deadliest Catch and has spent quite a bit of time crabbing in the treacherous waters of the Chesapeake Bay. Recently Bryan fulfilled a lifelong dream and became a fire fighter. He was also featured in a national Pest Control magazine where he was interviewed about his long time contributions to the industry and personal adventures. Bryan can also be found behind the wheel of one of our plow trucks braving the weather with the heater cranked and armed with a half-gallon of coffee. It is the advice of the rest of the Activ crew that if Bryan is seen with a cup of coffee maintain a safe distance and grab some paper towels! Trust us!

  • Chris Kiker

    Chris Kiker

    Chris has been employed with Activ since 2002. In addition to multiple entrepreneurial ventures, he has played many roles during his time with Activ. In the early years he served as landscape designer and supervised the sale and installation of all landscape/hardscape projects as well as being a licensed applicator and inspector in the pest control division. Chris is an award winning artist and excels at all things creative, from art to photography and film. Additionally he is an active member of the Ellendale Fire Dept. and spends much of his time involved in fire and rescue operations. Chris has an extensive background in exotic animals and herpetology and worked for many years in the veterinary field where he met his wife Dawn. Together they have a 7 year old daughter, Kayla. Hobbies include art, writing, electric guitar, firefighting, weightlifting and martial arts.

  • Tom Kehl

    Tom Kehl

    Tom has been employed at Activ for seven years. Tom has an extensive background in commercial pest control. You can find Tom darting in and out of our commercial accounts at all hours of the day. At lunch time you can always find Tom at your local Subway. In his spare time Tom enjoys kayaking up and down Delmarva water ways with his wife.

  • Robert Foster

    Robert Foster

    Rob has been employed with Activ for over five years now. He is TERMIDOR Certified and holds certifications in General Pest Control, Termite and Wood Destroying insects and Mosquito management. Rob has been on the frontline battling mosquitoes since the inception of our successful No-Mosquito seasonal program. In his spare time Rob is very active with the Ellendale fire company and currently holds the position of Captain. In October 2014, Robert married his longtime girlfriend, Rachel. Rob is a country boy through and through and enjoys the simple life. He would gladly trade city streets for dirt roads, a suit for flannel and a leather sofa for a tailgate. Actually, he’s a bit reminiscent of an old episode of Dukes of Hazzard.

    Or is it Gomer Pyle? Either way, he’s the company good ‘ol boy!

  • Michael Berg

    Michael Berg

    Mikey has the distinguished title of being Activs first pest control technician. Many of our long time customers remember him from over a decade ago. After taking a brief leave  of absence Mikey is back. Frankly, we think he not only missed you guys but missed us as well. He brings to the table a vast knowledge of pest control techniques and customer service and is renowned for his thoroughness. Mikey can be found not only servicing our quarterly accounts and providing termite inspections but also playing a major role in our successful Wildlife trapping program. Mikey has the keen ability to entice and trap wildlife like a legendary mountain man. Although easily our most laid back technician, his free time is filled with the pursuits of extreme sports like bowling, fishing (ask him about his trip to the ER after a run in with a stingray) and bird watching.

  • Daryl Trottman

    Daryl Trottman

    Daryl is our staff certified arborist. He comes from a strong forestry background and holds a degree in Horticulture. He is an ISA Certified Arborist and has worked for the state of Delaware for over eight years diagnosing and treating disease and pest related issues affecting trees, shrubs and turf. Furthermore, Daryl is TERMIDOR Certified, a Wood Destroying Certified Applicator and holds a Turf and Ornamental Applicators License. Daryl is married to his wife Barbara and together they have a 5 year old son Aiden and Cylus who is now 3 months old. In his spare time Daryl is very active in the fire department. He has held the positions of Fire Recorder and Captain for many years. Due to his extensive training Daryl is frequently shipped out west for weeks at a time to battle the large wild land fires that routinely destroy thousands of acres during the dry season. Keep an eye on the six o’clock news and you just might see him.

  • Joe D'Amico

    Joe D'Amico

    Joe is one of the newest members of our team. Joe comes to us with many years in turf management and holds a degree in Turf and Ornamental Management. He has worked in the golf course turf grass management industry for over 5 years as an assistant super intendant. He is TERMIDOR Certified, a Wood Destroying Certified Applicator and Turf and Ornamental Applicator. Recently, Joe has learned how to shoot clay pigeons and did not do all that bad for having no experience handling a shot gun. We shall see on the next company outing.