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Activ Pest Solutions has been serving the Delmarva region since 2000. Our focus is protecting the health, safety, and quality of life for all our customers by maintaining pest free residential and commercial environments. We are a locally owned and operated company that focuses on customer service, exceptional quality, fast response times and environmentally sound solutions to our customer’s needs.

Our Pest Management Technicians are state certified, highly trained professionals dedicated to customer satisfaction and building lasting relationships through exceptional service.

We would like to thank all the customers who have stood by us as we grew and continue to grow today!

Our Philosophy

What comes to mind when you finally decide to hire a pest control company to combat outdoor or household pests? Do you envision a semi-uniformed character drenching your home in toxic chemicals? Unfortunately, this is the stereotype commonly associated with our industry. The technicians at Activ Pest Solutions are a step above the rest. We emphasize a clean, neat appearance for our technicians as well as our service vehicles. 

Proper Training

Our technicians are trained on a weekly basis. They are brought up to speed on new products and treatment techniques as well as the rules and regulations relating to our industry. Commercial Applicators in Delaware are held to strict standards by the Department of Agriculture. We are required to hold specific licenses to address specific pest problems. Some examples are Termite, General Pest Control, Mosquito and Turf and Ornamental.

Training and experience give us an edge on finding solutions to your problems. Our family has been in pest control since 1979. Our objective is to address any pest related issues in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. “Spray” is a general, blanket term that is not in our vocabulary but is often used in our industry. Bathing or haphazardly “spraying” a structure often has little or no effect while introducing unnecessary toxins to groundwater.

Thorough Inspections

A thorough inspection is the key to managing any pest problem. A free consultation with a technician from Activ Pest Solutions starts with a thorough inspection. As part of the inspection, our technicians will identify the pest, detail any conducive conditions and propose a treatment for the problem. We often find that moisture in or around a structure encourages pest problems.

Clogged gutters holding water will provide an ideal breeding site for mosquitoes. A leaky roof or window may provide enough moisture for ants to colonize in your home. Elimination of these moisture sources or “conducive conditions” will assist with and enhance any pest control treatment.

Our treatments target specific areas in and around your home as they relate to your pest problem. This allows us to address pest issues without adversely impacting the environment. Contact us today for a FREE consultation, 302-645-1502.

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