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A Tale of Two Termite Treatments

Got time for a quick story? It’s about a colleague of ours crossing paths with another industry professional at the site of one of the worst termite infestations either had seen in some time. No, the colleague doesn’t work here at Activ Pest Control, but he’s a fellow pest control operator (PCO). His anecdote underscores the difference between working with a company the employs only licensed and certified technicians who have chosen pest control as their profession and one which is only out to sell products and meet quotas.

The PCO was called to a home with severe termite damage and described the seen, the encounter, and the ensuing conversation to us as follows:

This house had termite activity and resulting damage up to the roof framing structure. Live termites were easily found in the lumber and in various mud shelter tubes.

While I’m there, a Termite Company sales inspector type guy shows up. Talk about poor timing! The homeowner was desperate, had made a bunch of calls, and this guy showed up in addition to me. So, I’m just doing what I’m doing and listening to this guy’s sales pitch to the woman.

So there he is trying to sell this lady a bait system, and guess what? This house already has that same bait system. I kid you not!

I’m out at my truck in the driveway putting up my ladder and tools as this guy is leaving, and we got to talking. I asked him, “What would you do if this was YOUR house or your Mom’s house?”

He said, “I would do Termidor,” referring to one of the industry-standard termiticides. When I asked why he had tried selling her a bait system, instead, he simply replied, “We’re not allowed to sell anything but bait.”

I asked why that was, and his answer was just simple, “It’s better for the Company.”

So, I asked “Do you think it’s good for the Homeowner?” To which he replied, “No, but I have a family and need to pay my bills.”

There is much here to be learned from. Termite Baiting Systems are not always the best remedy for a termite issue in your home. These systems may detect and may eliminate a termite issue. However, they are a huge revenue generator for the company that installs them.

When the PCO asks, “Do you think it’s good for the Homeowner?” the salesman’s response is telling: “I need to pay my bills.”  But what would he recommend to his mother?  Termidor.

Activ Pest Solutions has provided Environmentally Sound Solutions to our customers on the Delmarva Peninsula for 23 years.  Termidor is our go to product for the control of termites. However, it is not the only tool in our toolbox. Occasionally, we do utilize termite baiting systems on environmentally sensitive accounts, but we use them in conjunction with Termidor and borate treatments.

When you bring Activ Pest Solutions into your home, you’re inviting in a team of trained professionals, not salespeople peddling bait. All of our technicians are required by company policy to be state certified. Our General Manager is one of only a few Associate Certified Entomologists (ACE) in Delaware and is qualified to identify any pest our clients or technicians have questions about.

We perform inspections/evaluations, then treat with the appropriate products in the appropriate places. It is our pledge that, if a customer requires a call back, we will arrive that day, the next day or when it is convenient for the customer. To read our full pledge to our customers, click here

In short, we don’t push what’s best for our bottom line. We provide solutions to our clients’ problems. Contact Activ Pest Solutions for a free, on-site termite evaluation. Click here to get started.

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