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Delmarva Peninsula Termite Control: How Property Enhancements and Alterations Compromise Protection

Ongoing termite control is a high priority for Delmarva Peninsula homeowners.  While most are aware of the risks of a termite infestation and take measures to prevent costly damage, many are unaware that property enhancements and alterations can compromise protection and negatively impact the warranty on past treatments.  For these reasons, it is important to consult your pest control professional when planning home improvement.

One of the most common ways that property enhancements and alterations can compromise termite protection is by disturbing the soil around a home’s foundation.  Termites thrive in the soil and often create tunnels or shelter tubes to travel to their food source (your home). When a property is landscaped, graded, or when drainage is installed, it can move or disturb a termite treatment leaving the home vulnerable to an infestation.

Annual mulch removal and installation as well as soil disturbances are often to blame for termite treatment failures.  When landscaping, homeowners should take care not to disturb treated areas within 12 inches of the foundation. It is recommended that homeowners leave all soil/mulch within 12 inches of the foundation undisturbed to prevent the treatment from being compromised.

Another common way that property enhancements and alterations compromise termite protection is by adding home features that touch soil. Porches and additions become problematic, if left untreated, and may create access to the primary structure.

While adding spray foam insulation in the crawl space or basement can improve a home’s energy efficiency, if applied on structural timbers or on the foundation it can invite termites and impede inspections. Termites can easily penetrate foam insulation, which provides a pathway from the soil to the house.

In addition to property enhancements and alterations, there are other factors that can increase the risk of a termite infestation.  For example, in addition to soil, termites require moisture to survive. Standing water or high relative humidity in a crawl space or basement increases the risk of infestation.

Property alterations should enhance, not detract from, a home’s value. Pest control should be a factor in all home improvement plans, and a trusted technician should be a part of the planning. Activ Pest Solutions specializes in all aspects of combating termites. To learn more about our expertise, click here.

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