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Termite and Pest Control in Milton, DE 19968

Pest Control Services in Milton, Delaware

Milton, DE Pest Control

According to there are about 2,800 people living in the town of Milton DE, making it the 31st most populated city in the state of Delaware. Activ Pest Solutions is very grateful to have provided pest control or exterminating services to over ten percent of the Milton population. Thank you Milton DE.

Milton Delaware is located in Sussex County at the head of the Broadkill River. It was established and named after John Milton in 1807. Among Historians Milton Delaware is known for the town’s ship building roots. However, Milton holds a place in Sussex County Delaware history as having had a one of the countries larger button Factories. Employing more than 100 local residents, the Lippincott Button Factory was in operation in Milton, DE until the late 1950’s.

Today, Milton Delaware is well known as the home of Dogfish Head Brewery and the famous Milton St Patrick’s Day Parade.

Activ Pest Solutions’ main office is located just minutes from downtown Milton, DE. Over the last 16 years, we have provided Residential and Commercial Pest Extermination, Termite Elimination, Bat Removal, Mosquito Yard Sprays, Flea Control, Mole Control, Bee Removal, Hornet and Wasp Extermination, Squirrel and Raccoon Trapping and Removal, Mouse and Rodent Elimination, Cockroach Elimination, Bed Bug Extermination and Ant Control services to many of the Milton DE residents.



Activ Pest Solutions has been providing commercial and residential pest control and exterminator services for the residents of Milton Delaware since 2000. We have met and become close to many of the residents in town and throughout the Milton Delaware area over the course of the past 16 years. We would like to thank all of you that have allowed us to be your bug guy near you and provide the best pest control or exterminating services in the Milton Delaware area over the years.

Ant Control Milton, DE

ANT and TERMITE Control near me in Milton, DE

Activ Pest Solutions has been providing pest control, exterminating, ant and termite control near you for many years because we are just minutes from downtown Milton Delaware. We appreciate all of pest control services and exterminating service in and near the town of Milton, DE.

Termite Professional Milton, DE

TERMITE Control and Extermination in Milton, DE

Annually, termites cause over 5 billion dollars in damage to homes across North America and Milton Delaware is no exception. With destruction this significant, it’s obvious that when choosing a Professional Pest Control company, you need to select the very best. Activ Pest Solutions has set the bar in professional termite protection! It is our policy to complete the most thorough termite application as the label will allow with no impact on health or environment.

Recently Chris, our senior termite technician, had the privilege to take part in an extensive termite treatment application on a historical house located in downtown Milton, DE. The owner of the project selected Activ Pest Solutions to be part of this project because of the severity of the termite infestation and our understanding of construction variables. We enjoyed working on such a project and eliminating future termite problems. Thank you!

Bat Removal Milton, DE

BAT Removal in Milton, DE

Bat control requires a thorough understand of bat biology, habits and health risks. Unless one is trained and knowledgeable, the control of bats is best left to the professionals.

Buildings with bat colonies roosting within the confines of the structure pose significant health risks to the occupants inside. Bats can transmit rabies to humans through bites, bat bugs can be present feeding on the bats, and the bat droppings can harbor the endemic fungal infection Histoplasmosis. Though the incidence of these occurring is low the risk is still present.

Therefore, when Activ Wildlife Management Professionals propose services to control bats it is with a complete understanding of what is required to perform the services correctly, completely and safely.

The Bat species most common to Milton DE is the little brown bat. Over the years Activ Wildlife has excluded numerous colonies of little brown bats from homes in Milton Delaware.

MOSQUITO Control in Milton, DE

Mosquito Control in Milton, DEMosquito Spray Near Me! There are many companies in the Milton Delaware area that offer Mosquito “Yard Sprays.” Activ Pest Solutions’ mosquito division, NoMo-Squitoes, has been professionally servicing homes in the Milton, DE area for several years with great success. Activ Pest Solutions does not hire part time or seasonal mosquito spray labors. Our mosquito technicians are full time pest control applicators that are highly trained and certified.

Our mosquito control programs are designed to let you enjoy the outdoors all season long. Due to the large amount of marshes and wetlands in the Milton Delaware area, mosquitoes and other flying insects can make life unbearable. Often, beautiful patios, decks and backyards are rendered unusable.

Don't let this happen to you. We can help.

Utilizing a combination of conventional and environmentally friendly products, the program is also effective for biting flies, spiders, crickets, ticks and fleas. A thorough inspection and placing the correct product in the correct location are the keys to controlling all pest problems without adversely affecting the environment. We are capable of treating areas near and around water.

FLEA Control in Milton, DE

Flea Control in Milton, DEThe most common flea that we have here in the Milton, DE area is the cat flea. A flea infestation can be an absolute royal pain. A flea problem can cause discomfort and lead to skin irritation for both humans and animals. Activ Pest Solution’s specialized treatments eliminate flea infestations in the yard and in the home. Our flea extermination application is comprised of rapid knock, long lasting residual and growth regulators. We appreciate all of the home owners in Milton, DE that have allowed Activ Pest Solutions to eliminate flea infestations both in the yard and in the home.

MOLE Control in Milton, DE

Mole Control in Milton, DEIn the Milton Delaware area, moles are referred to as the eastern mole - or common mole - and feed largely on earthworms and grubs, although beetles, spiders, centipedes, insect larvae and pupae may also be eaten. Most mole species prefer well-drained, loose or sandy soil, and avoids heavy clay, stony or gravelly soils, and very dry or very wet soils. Moles frequent pastures, open fields, meadows, and thin woods.

Moles are not blind and spend almost all of their time in underground burrows they excavate for themselves. They may be found active at any hour of the day but generally are more active by day than by night in response to the movement of earthworms in and out of the soil.

Moles do damage by their burrowing activities, especially on the greens of golf courses, in lawns, and in situations where accelerated soil erosion may result. Also, they may destroy row crops by burrowing along a row and killing the plants. If you live in the Milton DE area and are having issues with Moles in your yard and garden areas, we can help!

BEE Removal in Milton, DE

BEE Removal in Milton, DEIn recent years bees and pollinators have been in the media spot light because of their decline. Activ Pest Solutions takes a proactive approach in securing the future of our bee and other pollinator populations. It is our policy to call upon our bee keeper to remove and relocate as many honey bee and other pollinators as often as the situation allows.

Carpenter Bees are often confused with bumble bees. Carpenter Bees are solitary bees and only the female can sting even though the male carpenter bee is the one most often seen flying in an aggressive manner. Carpenter bees are considered a wood destroying insect because they bore tunnels, or galleries, into the untreated or poorly treated areas of wooden structures. Carpenter Bee control or bee removal should only be done by a professional, certified, pest control technician. If you are looking for bee removal or bee control service near me, Activ Pest Solutions is only minutes from downtown Milton, DE.

WASP Exteriminator in Milton, DE

WASP Exteriminator in Milton, DEOne of the more serious stinging insect threats to residents of Milton, DE is the wasp. Through the years Activ Pest Solutions has removed hundreds wasp nests from homes in the Milton Delaware area. Customer service requests for bee removal are often identified as a stinging wasp nest or yellow jacket infestation. Yellow jackets are one the most persistent of the stinging insects we have in the Milton, DE area. Yellow jackets are found scavenging around picnics, in soda cans and in garbage cans. Wasp and Yellow jacket Extermination or bee control of any kind should only be done by a professional, certified, pest control technician. If you are looking for wasp, yellow jacket pest service or bee removal service near me, Activ Pest Solutions is only minutes from downtown Milton, DE.

Hornet Control in Milton, DE

Hornet Control in Milton, DEHornets are the largest of the wasp family. Over the years, Activ Pest Solutions have removed numerous Baldfaced hornets in the Milton DE area. Many of the Baldfaced Hornet nests we remove are aerial and should only be removed by a certified bee exterminator or pest control technician. Since we are only minutes from downtown Milton Delaware call Activ Pest Solutions for all your Bee removal, wasp removal or yellow jacket extermination needs.

Squirrel and Raccoon Trapping and Removal Services in Milton, DE

Squirrel and Raccoon Trapping and Removal Services in Milton, DEOur Wildlife Management division has been very busy with Raccoon and Squirrel removal in the Milton Delaware area. Squirrels and Raccoons love attics, chimneys and other warm and mostly uninhabited areas of your home. Raccoons and Squirrels have the ability to gain access through very small holes and other construction variables, at times causing severe damage to your home. If you are looking for Squirrel trapping or raccoon removal service near me, Activ Pest Solutions is only minutes from downtown Milton, DE.

Mouse and Rodent Elimination in Milton, DE

Mouse and Rodent Elimination in Milton, DEDo you have a mouse problem? Do you have mouse droppings in your pantry? Do you need an exterminator near you in the Milton Delaware area? In Milton, DE, mice and rodents migrate into homes as the fall season approaches. Mice often seek refuge in garages, attics, crawlspaces and sheds leaving traces of mouse fecal matter on your countertops, in your cabinets, on dishes, pots and pans. Often not visible are traces of Mouse saliva and Mouse urine that contaminate your food and living space. Hantavirus has recently caught notoriety in the media with reports of seven infected people in California. Three of those people infected with Hantavirus were fatalities. The Center of Disease Control also has reported a case of Hantavirus in Pennsylvania and one in West Virginia.

To eliminate a rodent or mouse problem in the Milton, DE area, contact Activ Pest Solutions at 302-645-1502 and schedule an evaluation of your home by one of our professional, certified technicians.

Cockroach Problem in Milton, DE

Cockroach Problem in Milton, DECockroaches are common in commercial kitchens and restaurants. In Milton Delaware, cockroach infestations typically start by roaches being carried in from grocery bags, storage boxes and in some cases carried in from outdoors. Our cockroach treatment starts with a full, thorough on-site inspection. Since cockroaches thrive where food and moisture are in abundance, sanitation is a key to controlling a roach infestation. To eliminate a cockroach problem in the Milton, DE area, contact Activ Pest Solutions at 302-645-1502 and schedule an evaluation of your home by one of our professional exterminators.

Bed Bugs in Milton, DE

Bed Bugs in Milton, DEBedbugs are on the rise and have been in the media spot light. Activ Pest Solutions offers both conventional chemical bedbug treatments and non-chemical bed bug heat treatments. Our conventional bed bug service plan provides for the inspection and treatment for the control of bed bugs. Our Bed Bug heat treatment is a no chemical application bed bug extermination service. To eliminate a Bed Bug problem in the Milton, DE area, contact Activ Pest Solutions at 302-645-1502 to schedule an evaluation of your home by one of our professional, certified pest control technicians.

Ants in Milton, DE

Ant Control in Milton, DEAnt extermination, ant infestation and ant control are our number one customer service request in Delaware and Maryland. We have seen a surge in the number of customer service requests for sugar ants, pest ants, little black ants, piss ants and big black ants.

The fastest way to rid your home of an ant infestation is to first identify the ant species and then note the conducive conditions that may be contributing to the infestation. Activ Pest Solutions values your home as much as you do. It is our policy to provide each customer with a Free On-site Thorough Inspection by a Full Time Certified Pest Control Professional Technician. We will identify the ant species, note any conducive conditions that may contribute to an ant infestation and provide you with a solution to rid your home of ants and keep them from coming back.

To eliminate a rodent or mouse problem in the Milton Delaware area, contact Activ Pest Solutions at 302-645-1502 and schedule an evaluation of your home by one of our professional, certified technicians.

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