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Cheswold, DE Pest Control

Cheswold, Delaware Pest Control Services

Ant Control in Cheswold, DE

Are you having problems with pesky black ants or other ants in your Cheswold, Delaware home or commercial property? Ants in your home or business can be difficult to control with do-it-yourself techniques, which is often why you need to seek out professional ant pest control services.

Activ Pest Solutions has the skill and the tools necessary to eliminate even the worst house ants, such as:

When you need ant control in Cheswold, DE, call Activ Pest Solutions right away. 

Ant Exterminator in Cheswold, DE

Many exterminating or pest control companies will give you a price over the phone to “spray” your home in hopes of getting rid of those pesky little sugar ants without a thorough on-site inspection and species identification by a certified pest control technician. A price quote over the phone to “spray” for ants which have not been identified nor the conducive conditions contributing to the infestation, is just bad and can be a disservice by making the infestation worse.

Different ant species and conditions require different techniques and services. If an exterminating or pest control company does not value your home enough to perform a complete and thorough inspection, I would be suspect of the value of their service.

Activ Pest Control Solutions values your home as much as you do. It is our policy to provide each customer with a Free On-site Thorough Inspection by a Full Time Certified Pest Control Professional Technician. We will identify the ant species, note any conducive conditions that may contribute to an ant infestation and provide you with a solution to rid your home of ants and keep them from coming back.

Get professional ant extermination services rather than relying on DIY ant extermination or unreputable pest control services. Trust only the best from Activ Pest. For expert ant control in Cheswold, DE, call Activ Pest Solutions. 

Delaware Rodent Control Services

As the winter months approach, mice - in particular, the Deer Mouse and the White Footed Mouse - are invading residential structures. They often seek refuge in garages, attics, crawlspaces, and sheds, leaving traces of fecal matter on your countertops, in your cabinets, on dishes, pots, and pans.

Even scarier are the things that are not visible - traces of saliva and urine that contaminates your food and living space. Hantavirus has recently caught notoriety in the media with reports of seven infected people in California. Three of those people infected with Hantavirus were fatalities.

The Center for Disease Control also has reported a case of Hantavirus in Pennsylvania and one in West Virginia. The Deer Mouse and the White Footed Mouse are known carriers of Hantavirus.

Rodent pest control in a residential structure is easily achieved by a Pest Management Professional by exclusion and baiting tactics. Contact Activ Pest Solutions, your Rodent Exterminator, at 302-645-1502 and schedule an evaluation of your home by one of our highly trained technicians.

Termite Exterminator in Cheswold, Delaware

Annually, termites cause over a billion dollars in damage to homes across North America. That’s more than fires, storms, and earthquakes combined. With destruction this significant, it’s obvious that when choosing a Termite Pest Control company, you need to select the very best. Activ Pest Solutions has set the bar in professional termite protection!

Many people are surprised to find out that your home can be warrantied against future infestation by performing a preventative treatment. This includes both existing homes as well as new construction. Once the home is properly inspected and found to be termite free, Activ Pest Solutions can perform a minimally invasive Perimeter treatment on your structure and provide you with the same reinfestation warranty a homeowner receives a full treatment.

This warranty protects against future infestation and includes annual inspections and reports by one of our certified technicians. In the event that your home changes hands, this warranty is fully transferable to the new homeowner.

If you need a termite exterminator in Cheswold, DE, call Activ Pest Solutions at 302-645-1502 for a fast inspection and free quote.

Raccoon & Squirrel Removal and Animal Trapping Services in Cheswold, DE

Cheswold, Delaware Animal TrappingOur Wildlife Management division has been very busy with Raccoon and Squirrel removal in the Cheswold Delaware area. Squirrels and Raccoons love attics, chimneys and other warm and mostly uninhabited areas of your home.

Raccoons and Squirrels have the ability to gain access through very small holes and other construction variables, at times causing severe damage to your home.

Activ Wildlife Management utilizes only safe, humane and legal exclusion and trapping methods to rid your home of unwanted wild animals. If you are looking for animal trapping and wildlife removal services near Cheswold, Call 302-645-1502. Activ Pest Control Solutions is only minutes from downtown Cheswold, DE.

BAT Removal in Cheswold, DE

Bat Removal in Cheswold, DEBat control requires a thorough understand of bat biology, habits and health risks. Unless one is trained and knowledgeable, the control of bats is best left to the professionals.

Buildings with bat colonies roosting within the confines of the structure pose significant health risks to the occupants inside. Bats can transmit rabies to humans through bites, bat bugs can be present feeding on the bats, and the bat droppings can harbor the endemic fungal infection Histoplasmosis. Though the incidence of these occurring is low the risk is still present.

Therefore, when Activ Wildlife Management Professionals propose services to control bats it is with a complete understanding of what is required to perform the services correctly, completely and safely.

The Bat species most common to Cheswold DE is the little brown bat. Over the years Activ Wildlife has excluded numerous colonies of little brown bats from homes in Cheswold Delaware. If you have bats or need bat removal service near me, Activ Pest Solutions is only minutes from downtown Cheswold, DE Call 302-645-1502

Contact Activ for Pest Control in Cheswold

If you are in need of services such as pest control in Cheswold, DE, don't hesitate to contact Activ Pest Solutions. We can provide a free inspection when you call 302-645-1502 or contact us online. We can help with nearly any pest or bug infestation. 

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