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Magnolia, DE Pest Control Services

Magnolia, DE Pest Control Services

Rodent Control Services in Magnolia, Delaware

mouseAs winter approaches, mice, in particular, the Deer Mouse and the White Footed Mouse, start invading residential structures. These mice will often seek refuge in garages, attics, crawlspaces, and sheds, leaving traces of fecal matter on your countertops, in your cabinets, on dishes, and pots & pans. Something even scarier than this is the fact that they leave traces that are invisible to the eye, such as traces of saliva and urine that contaminate your food and living spaces. Hantavirus, which is a rare virus especially in North America, can still be caught through these types of contamination. Hantavirus has recently caught notoriety in the media with reports of seven infected people in California. All three infections were fatal. A rodent infestation is something that should be taken seriously and should be dealt with as soon as possible. If you fear that you have a rodent infestation, please contact us immediately and will we help eliminate your rodent problems.

Ant Control Services in Magnolia, Delaware

Having anant infestation at home that you can't get under control? Trying to take on such a task with do-it-yourself techniques can be quite troublesome and not nearly asl effective as you would want them to be. It is often best to reach out to professional ant control servicesant for help when it comes to house infestations, and Activ Pest Solutions is here to help you with all your ant infestation problems. Leave it to us to get rid of all those pesky ants that you can't seem to get rid of. Please contact us as soon as possible if you are in need of some serious help with ant infestations.

Mole Treatment in Magnolia, Delaware

MoleFor people who have already experienced moles first-hand know how much havoc these little creatures can cause with their burrowing and scratching. The moles in our region are known as the eastern mole or the common mole. These moles feed on earthworms, grubs, beetles, spiders, centipedes, insect larvae, insect pupae, and vegetable matter. People who have backyard gardens are especially vulnerable to the damage that comes with having moles living on your property; they will eat and destroy the vegetables that are growing in the garden.

Moles cannot see and create elaborate tunnel systems underground called runways, which run at shallow and deep levels underground. The runways that are subsurface are where the mounds and ridges of the tunnels show above the ground. They can be found to be active at any time of the day, but are most likely to be active during the day due to the movement of the earthworms in and out of the soil. Moles will cause damage from their tunnels and burrowing activities, especially on the greens of golf courses, lawns, and in other situations where soil erosion may result. Moles also can destroy a row of crops with their burrowing activities by burrowing along a row of crops and killing the plants.

If you are having problems with moles or you think moles are the suspect to an infestation problem, please contact us today to find out further information on what actions are available for you to take.

Wildlife Management Services in Magnolia, Delaware

The interaction between wildlife and humans is often pleasent at a distance; however, it may become uncomfortable when your health, family, pets, or home are at risk. Disease, parasites, and property damage are a reality when nuisance wildlife invade your homes or living Raccoonspaces. Our certified technicians at Activ Wildlife Management utilize only safe, humane, and legal exclusion and trapping methods to rid your home of unwanted guests. We offer trapping and exclusion services for many species of wildlife found in Magnolia, DE, including raccoons, skunks, squirrels, opossum, groundhogs, bats, rabbits, snakes, lizards, moles, and deer.

If you have any wildlife that is getting to close to your home and family and would like to find them another place to stay, please feel free to contact us!

Bat Removal in Magnolia, DE

Delaware is home to the Little Brown Bat. These are small animals that rarely weigh more than 0.5 oz. They can eat up to half their body weight each night. In fact, little brown bats can be beneficial if you have a mosquito or moth problem due to how much they eat. Bats can carry diseases like rabies though. 

If a bat has gotten into your home, or if you are concerned that a bat hunting near your home could have rabies, call Activ Pest Solutions for fast bat removal in Magnolia, DE. 

Termite Control Services in Magnolia, Delaware

termiteOn an annual basis, termites can cause over a billion dollars in damage to homes and businesses across North America. That's more damage than fires, storms, and earthquakes combined! Activ Pest Solutions has definitely set the bar when it comes to professional termite protection in Magnolia, DE. 

Many people are surprised to find out that your home can be warrantied against furniture infestation by performing a preventative treatment. This includes existing homes as well as newly constructed homes. Once the Activ Pest Solutions technician properly inspects the home and property and is found termite free, they can then perform a minimally invasive perimeter treatment on your structure and provide you with the same reinfestation warranty a homeowner receives after a full treatment. This warranty protects against future infestation and includes annual inspections and reports by one of our certified technicians. In the event that your home changes owners, this warranty is fully transferable.

For more information on our termite control services in Magnolia, DE, please feel free to contact us!

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