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A crawl space system from Activ Pest Solutions offers a permanent solution to highly problematic moisture problems and energy losses occurring in your home. Retrofitting your house with one of our systems can stop moisture, mold, and fungus in its tracks, protecting your home and family, and saving you money in the future, both in structural repairs and energy efficiency.


Browse a variety of termite and pest control coupons from Activ Pest Solutions to keep your home pest-free on any budget. Look for our veteran discounts and senior discounts too.


For homeowners seeking year-round protection, our PROActiv Pest plan is the most comprehensive and cost effective approach to maintain a pest free environment in your home or business. Our Quarterly service covers a wide array of insects that infest the typical structure. These include; Ants, Spiders, Crickets, Roaches, Centipedes, Millipedes, Pill bugs, Spring Tails, Mice, Rats, and many more. Our Quarterly program provides 4 treatments annually, which are designed to eliminate existing pests and maintain a protective barrier around the home.


Monthly services are predominantly geared to commercial accounts, although some residential or rental properties can benefit from more frequent treatments. Activ Pest Solutions provides a full line of services geared to the commercial client. Restaurants, hotels, stores, offices or rental properties, commercial accounts present their own unique challenges. Call today! We can design a program to suit you needs.


Often homeowners may encounter an occasional pest problem that requires just one targeted pest control application or service to eliminate. Activ Pest Solution’s technicians are trained to identify these occasional pest invaders. After a thorough inspection for any and all pests our certified pest control technicians will identify the insect(s) and any conducive condition that may have caused the infestation and prescribe the appropriate pest control treatment method.


Tired of filling in your realtor information on the form every time? Activ Pest now offers a Secure Realtor Login option to save your information. Simply create an account and enter your information once. The system will automatically save your information for next time you login.


Word of mouth is not only the highest form of flattery, it has been instrumental in making us the area’s fastest growing pest management company. Satisfied customers have been referring friends and families to us for over a decade.


Activ Pest Solutions has built a reputation by catering to the needs of our customers. The solutions to pest control issues are never “one size fits all”. Keeping in mind that many of our clients are only here during the summer vacation months, Activ Pest Solutions has customized our Seasonal Pest Control Program to meet your needs with minimum inconvenience. Our inspection treatments can be made by appointment and at you convenience.


Human interaction with wildlife in Delaware is most often a pleasant and desirable experience. Delaware is home to wildlife that is common throughout North America. Fox, Bats, Squirrels, Raccoons, and Skunks are the most common wildlife species that become a nuisance to home owners. Once wildlife takes up residence inside your home they often cause severe structural damage and pose significant health risks.

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