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Got Mice?

Mighty MouseWith winter weather predictions from several sources indicating that this winter will be colder and snowier than the past year, mice - in particular the Deer Mouse and the White Footed Mouse - are (and will be) invading residential structures. Mice in our area migrate into homes as the fall season approaches. they ofter seek refuge in garages, attics, crawlspaces and sheds leaving traces of fecal matter on your countertops, in your cabinets on dishes, pots and pans. Often not visible are traces of saliva and urine that contaminates your food and living space. Hantavirus has recently caught notoriety in the media with reports of seven infected people in California. Three of those people infected with Hantavirus were fatalities. The Center of Disease Control also has reported a case of Hantivirus in Pennsylvania and one in West Virginia. The Deer Mouse and the White Footed Mouse are known carries of Hantavirus.

The control of mice in a residential structure is easily achieved by a Pest Management Professional by exclusion and baiting tactics. Contact Activ Pest Solutions at 302-645-1502 and schedule an evaluation of your home by one of our highly trained technicians.

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