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Termite Control in Maryland and Delaware

Common Questions

  • I found flying ants. Do you think I have a termite problem?
  • A termite exterminator told me that termites are eating my house?
  • A home inspector informed me that I have a termite infestation and it needs to be eliminated?
  • My neighbor has termites and I want to make sure I do not get them.

Annually, termites cause over 5 billion dollars in damage to homes across North America. That’s more than fires, storms, and earthquakes combined. With destruction this significant, it’s obvious that when choosing a Professional Pest Control company, you need to select the very best. Activ Pest Solutions has set the bar in professional termite protection! It is our policy to complete the most thorough termite application as the label will allow with no impact on health or environment.

Certified Technicians

Our Termite Technicians are state certified professionals. In addition to a state certification our termite technicians are certified with BASF the chemical manufacture of Termidor termite insecticide. Moreover, our senior professional termite technicians have successfully passed the PPMA Accredited Wood Destroying Insect Inspector Course. The Accredited Wood Destroying Insect Inspector Course focuses on construction variables, key contributing factors and forensic style damage identifiers which separates Activ Pest Solutions technicians from many other exterminators or pest control “salesmen.”

Our Policy is to send a Technician not a Salesman.

Activ Pest Solutions does not send a salesman to your home, we send only certified technicians. IN MOST CASES THE TECHNICIAN THAT INSPECTS YOUR HOME WILL BE THE ONE THAT COMPLETES THE TERMITE APPLICATION SERVICE. Activ Pest Solutions values your home as much as you do. It is our policy to provide each customer with a Free On-site Thorough Inspection by a Full Time Certified Pest Control Professional Technician. We will complete a thorough inspection of all the accessible visible areas of the home or structure, determine whether or not termites are actually present, note any conducive conditions that may contribute to an termite infestation, gather structural awareness or construction variable data and provide you with a solution to treat and eliminate your home of termites .

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