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Inspection is the Key for Delaware and Maryland Homes

A proper termite inspection can be extensive and time consuming yet it is the most important step in preventing thousands of dollars in termite damage.

In our opinion nobody inspects a home or a structure like an experienced certified pest control technician. It is our policy to view your home from top to bottom through the eyes of a termite. Activ Pest Solutions does not send a salesman to your home, we send only certified technicians.

Our termite inspection will start by gaining situational awareness. The technician will complete a walk around your home and note the structure layout, identify construction variables, concrete porches, pads or slabs, wood to ground elements, grading, landscaping, areas of water intrusion, well locations, utilities, ponds and vegetable gardens to name a few.

The technician will complete a thorough inspection of the crawlspace and basement, probing wooden members, noting evidence of any termite damage or past wood destroying insect treatments, utilities, construction variables, standing water and all inaccessible areas. Moisture is a conducive condition that may contribute to a termite infestation so if high moisture is suspected the technician may take a hygrometer reading of the air. In addition the technician may also take a moisture reading of the wooden members in the crawl or basement to ascertain the totality of the situation.

Interior the technician will visually inspect all accessible areas at the time of the inspection. Windows, doors and first floor base moldings are common areas where we find hidden termite activity. Paying particular attention to all places where concrete steps, porches or concrete slabs join with the home or structure, the technician may tap on molding or other wooden members to detect hollow sounds from the excavation of wood by a termite infestation. Technicians will also look for signs of past or present leaks on the interior. Termite infestations are commonly found on the interior in areas associated with a moisture intrusion so it is important to identify these areas and have the leak repaired.

Garages are especially vulnerable due to the slab construction and commonly found stored product. Often upon inspection we find termite infestations that have been obscured or hidden by stored items. Your home is often your biggest asset and protecting it from termites is an important job that should be left to a professional certified termite technician. Our Technicans come with the proper tools to complete a thorough inspection. A thorough inspection is the most important element in eliminating a termite infestation. In our industry, we hear termite exterminator or other pest control companies give a price quote right over the phone for a suspected termite infestation. It is our opinion that a price quote over the phone is a complete dis-service to you as potential customer and to the environment. Our termite technicians are not only state certified professional but we are also certified by Termidor, the termiticide chemical manufacture. In addition our senior termite technicans have completed the PPMA Accredited Wood Destroying Insect Inspector training course.

Activ Pest Solutions values your home as much as you do. It is our policy to provide each customer with a Free On-site Thorough Inspection by a Full Time Certified Pest Control Professional Technician. We will complete a thorough inspection of all the accessible visible areas of the home or structure, determine whether or not termites are actually present, note any conducive conditions that may contribute to an termite infestation, gather structural awareness or construction variable data and provide you with a solution to treat and eliminate your home of termites.

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