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Tick Control Services

tickClick to read the new article from the Cape Gazette, in regards to Lyme Disease Awareness in Delaware.

According to the U.S. Army for Health Promotion & Preventative Medicine, there are over 800 species of ticks worldwide. Ticks must feed on the blood of an animal in order to grow and reproduce.

Ticks don’t fly or jump. Rather, a tick climbs to the ends of blades of grass or weeds and waits quietly with its front legs extended until it can grab onto a passing host. Ticks spread diseases to people, pets, and other animals. Germs that may be present in their saliva are transmitted as they feed on the person or animal. These germs include bacteria and viruses that cause such serious diseases as Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Human ehrlichiosis.

Ticks are most common in the woods or overgrown places and where the ground is covered with leaf litter, thick weeds or high grass. Ticks may also be found on well-mowed lawns, or even inside your home.

Locally, requests for tick treatment are up 72% from 2017. We attribute this to the warm winter and the mild spring temperatures. Without frost and snow to reduce tick populations from 2011, we expect that our technicians will be busier this season with tick applications than in past years.

If you have experienced ticks in your yard or anticipate a tick problem, contact us for a free quote on seasonal control, at 302-645-1502.

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