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Quarterly Service

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Quarterly Service


For homeowners seeking year round protection, our quarterly plan is the most comprehensive and cost effective approach to maintain a pest free environment in your home or business. Our Quarterly service covers a wide array of insects that infest the typical structure. These include; Ants, Spiders, Crickets, Roaches, Centipedes, Millipedes, Pill bugs, Spring Tails, Mice, Rats, and many more. Our Quarterly program provides 4 treatments annually, which are designed to eliminate existing pests and maintain a protective barrier around the home.

If you have a re-infestation, we will come out that day, the next day or when it is convenient for you - at no additional cost.

Why do we treat 4 times per year?

Many customers ask why we do a winter treatment on all of our accounts. This is due to the fact that our winters here do not sustain temperatures cold enough to prevent insect activity and movement. Often in the middle of January, temperatures will rise into the 50′s, or higher. When this happens, insects become active and may begin to re-infest the structure. Performing this winter treatment maintains your protective barrier and helps keep you pest free. During the colder months, we also target your crawlspace with specialized applications, perform your termite/crawlspace inspections and bait for rodents.

How safe are our products?

Occasionally a homeowner expresses concerns regarding the methods or products that we will be using. Please feel free to ask your technician any questions pertaining to the safety of our treatments. We strive to use environmentally sound practices to safeguard you, your family and pets. Activ Pest Solutions employees all have families and pets of their own and we will always hold your families safety in the highest regard, as we would our own. We apply a wide array of products for different needs. Many of these products are actually natural, non chemical compounds and many have the same warning label as your bottle of house hold cleaner at home.
Our goal is to apply a minimal amount of product inside the home by targeting specific areas where a problem occurs. Once a situation is under control we will maintain it with exterior treatments, only coming inside if or as needed and requested by you. Please feel free to advise us of any special needs you may have.


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