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We have recently been made aware that a franchise pest control company with a name similar to ours has engaged in a massive Door-to-Door campaign to solicit customers on the Delmarva Peninsula. Our staff has received numerous complaints from our customers and community members about these solicitations from college-aged, high-pressure salespeople. This company is in no way associated with Activ Pest Solutions.  

Please allow me to offer you some distinctions between Activ and our competition:

  • Activ Pest Solutions is based out of Lewes Delaware.  
  • We have been serving our customers for 22 years.  
  • Activ is not a franchise.  
  • We are a locally based, family-run company.
  • Activ Pest Solutions does not solicit door-to-door.
  • We do not have high-pressure salespeople.
  • We are Quality Pro certified  

The similarly named competitor does not maintain an office in Delaware.

All our field staff personnel are certified by the State of Delaware to perform the treatments necessary to resolve our customer’s concerns. If our competitor contacts you, ask to see their Delaware Department of Agriculture Applicators Identification Card. Ask those high-pressure salespeople how much training and experience they have in the pest management industry. It’s likely the only training they have is in sales. Would you buy a car from a salesperson who knows nothing about the product he sells?

Activ Pest Solutions offers its customers solutions to problems and a relationship. Every new customer relationship begins with a thorough inspection and evaluation. Our competition sells services that may be unnecessary. You might hear from them, “So and So down the street has carpenter ants on his foundation. We can spray your foundation for $$XXX”. Specific problems such as Carpenter Ants require precise solutions. Spray and Pray is not an effective treatment plan. 

Specific problems require Pest Management Professionals, not Sales Tactics. No Inspection, No Solution, No Relationship! Please research our competition on YouTube and Google.


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