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  • The Profession of Insect Identification.
  • The Study of Conducive Conditions that May Contribute to Pest Infestations.
  • Environmentalists through the use of Integrated Pest Assessment Practices.
  • The Study of Applying the Right Product to the Right Place at the Right Time with the Optimum Rate Amount.


Over the past 50 years the pest control industry, like many industries, has gone through a paradigm shift. In the infancy stages, pest control was coined as those who killed insects or bugs by extermination. In days gone past, the term “exterminator” was a hired gun to kill and eliminate an active insect infestation by whatever means necessary. I have heard many stories where exterminators were mixing their own bug killing chemicals from old skull and crossbones cans out in the barn. The more stink the concoction had the better it must work. The mental model of the exterminator pulling up to your home in a beat up truck with a cartoon style character magnet slapped on the side has slowly eroded over time due to the Pest Control industry’s shift to become more of an environmental steward.


In North America scientists have identified about 90,000 insect species. Many insects are beneficial to the environment, but some insects are a nuisance and are considered pests because they compete with humans. Many pests carry diseases that contaminate food and are harmful to humans. The question is how do pest control technicians prescribe a treatment for harmful pests and not exterminate everything with a stinky skull and crossbones concoction inadvertently introducing unnecessary chemical into the environment, utilizing science based treatment methods.

Proper insect or pest identification is the essential first step in mitigating or eliminating any pest problem. Good responsible pest control starts with proper identification of the pest. Most states have a cooperative extension office that is willing to help identify insects and other pests. The good news is that Activ Pest Solutions is one of Delawares only pest control firms that has an Associate Certified Entomologist on staff full time who is willing to help in identifying and prescribing solutions to pest issues.


Understanding and remediating conducive conditions that may contribute to a pest problem is essential to pest problem elimination. Pest Control Technicians have a duty to develop an understanding of Home Construction, Structural Elements and their effect on Insect Harbourage and Control.

A thorough inspection by one of our Delaware Certified Pest Control Technicians will address conducive conditions for pests such as debris, clutter, over grown landscaping, moisture intrusion, wood to ground contact, to name a few.

Remediating favourable conditions for pests is another step in the direction to becoming better Environmentalists through the use of Integrated Pest Management Practices.


Certified Activ Pest Solutions Technicians are trained to evaluate and treat each pest problem by completing a thorough inspection, insect or pest identification, review of conducive conditions and use of all other integrated pest management practices before applying any pesticide material as a means to eliminating an active pest issue. Certified Pest Control Technicians apply the right product in the right place for targeted pest elimination.


Our free thorough inspection by a certified professional technician will identify and discuss any conducive conditions that may contribute to a pest infestation and provide you with a detailed solution to rid your home and yard of the pests.

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