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Mosquito Control Services in Delaware

Activ Pest Solutions introduced its Mosquito Management Program in the Spring of 2012. Our customers have provided us with overwhelming positive feedback that our program was incredibly effective. For more information or to become a member of our No Mo-Squitoes program please call Erica at 302-645-1502.

Ask us about special event treatments and package deals to communities and homeowner associations, too!

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Mosquito Exterminator Services in Southern Delaware

In the last few years, the viral disease spread by mosquitoes, zika was a hot topic across the country. Due to the extensive media coverage, the demand for Mosquito control services rose rapidly. Activ Pest Control Solutions’ mosquito division, No Mo-Squitoes, has been professionally servicing homes in southern Delaware for several years with great success.

Activ Pest Control Solutions does not hire part-time or seasonal mosquito treatment laborers. Our mosquito control technicians are full-time pest control applicators that are highly trained and certified.

Our mosquito control programs are designed to help you enjoy the outdoors all season long. Due to the large number of marshes and wetlands in the Lewes Delaware area, mosquitoes and other flying insects can make life unbearable. Often, beautiful patios, decks, and backyards are rendered unusable. Don’t let this happen to you. We can help.

A thorough inspection and placing the correct mosquito control products in the correct location are the keys to controlling all pest control problems without adversely affecting the environment. If you live in southern Delaware and want the best mosquito control company, Contact Us Today!

Get Protection with Our Mosquito Treatment

Our mosquito control programs are designed to help you enjoy the outdoors all season long. Due to the large amount of marshes and wetlands in our area, mosquitoes and other flying insects can make life unbearable. Often, beautiful patios, decks and backyards are rendered unusable.

Our Tick Control Services

A successful tick program requires a multi-faceted approach including, but not limited to: Thorough Inspection, identification, attention to and elimination of conducive conditions, exclusions, environmental factors, selection and implementation of appropriate control measures, product rotation, safety, and finally record keeping. Ticks possess enormous health risks. Tick-borne diseases have been on the rise. So now is the time to hire the right company to prevent tick infestations.

Does your Dog or Cat keep getting bitten by ticks?  Not getting results from a mosquito only company? Are you concerned about Lymes Disease?

Our tick control services include: 

  • The most Comprehensive Multifaceted Tick Control Program
  • The Areas Only True Tick Acaricide Treatment That Penetrates Harbourage Areas
  • We are NOT just a “Backpack Fog and Go” company
  • All Tick Applications are Completed by Full Time Year Round Certified Technicians- never summer help.
  • We are certified TickEncounter Prevention Partners!

There are two types of ticks in the Ixodidae family, hard ticks and soft ticks. Most pest control applications in Delaware and Maryland will target the hard tick types; Deer Tick, Dog Tick, and Lone Star Tick.  

Tick Life Cycle 

Ticks go through four life stages: egg, larva, nymph, and adult. Many adult female ticks need to feed only once to lay up to 10,000 eggs, depending on species and conditions. After mating, the female drops from the host and to the ground where she deposits a large batch of eggs. Depending on conditions larvae could hatch in as little as two weeks.

Baby Ticks -Nymphs 

Depending on conditions and species the immature stage larvae must find a host for a blood meal on smaller animals such as mice and birds. The first immature stage is often called the seed tick as they are hard to see and contain only six legs. After a blood meal, the immature stage seed tick molts into an eight-legged nymph. Some species of tick nymphs can survive months unfed. Depending on the tick species nymphs usually seek out to feed on larger animals such as dogs and deer. Many of the species of ticks in Delaware only require 3 hosts to become reproductive adults. Tick hosts may vary from animal species to a wide range of non-preference host feeding. 

Adult Ticks

How a tick seeks and attaches to a host varies by species and developmental stage. Some tick species can detect host body heat, ammonia, and carbon dioxide through specialized organs on their front legs and can even travel over 60 feet towards a prospective host. Questing behavior is another form of host finding. A tick will seek a favorable vegetation site, climb to the top of an object, such as a branch, tall grass, fence or side of building and stretch out their front legs waiting to attach to a host.

Tick Bites 

Ticks are among the most significant blood-sucking arthropods worldwide. With significant health risks, it’s obvious that when choosing a Professional Pest Control Company, you need to select the very best. Activ Pest Solutions has set the bar in professional tick control.

In the pest control industry, tick control is one of the more technical pests to eliminate. We are Not a Seasonal Spray and Pray Company. Inspection, species identification, and situational awareness are critical in devising a thorough zero tolerance tick treatment program.

Our Flea Control Services

Treatment methods and chemical technology have changed drastically in the last twenty years for the pest control industry. We are now able to control all life stages of fleas within a structure, outside of a structure as well as on the pet. Treatment for an active flea infestation can take up to 4 weeks to eliminate the various life stages. Please Contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our highly trained technicians to address any of your flea or pest control concerns. 

The focus of this specialized treatment is to eliminate populations of biting fleas from your living environment. The success of this treatment is largely dependent upon the cooperation of the customer. To enhance the effects of this treatment and to allow for faster results, we require you to make specific efforts and to take specific precautions.

Before The Flea Treatment: 

  • Expose as much carpeted area and baseboard as possible by moving furniture away from the walls. Remove stored items and small furniture from the areas to be treated, under beds and in closets etc.
  • Vacuum all carpeted areas prior to the treatment and dispose of the sealed vacuum bag outside of the house.
  • Wash all pet bedding in hot water and dry if possible on highest heat setting available. Check the labels to ensure you do not damage the items using this method.
  • All residents and pets must vacate the home until the treatment is complete and the treated surfaces are completely dry. We recommend that you make arrangements to be out of the home for 4 to 6 hours after we complete the treatment.
  • Be sure to have all pets treated by your veterinarian prior to/or on the day of Activ’s treatment. We also recommend that you consult your veterinarian in relation to any chemical sensitivity issues that your pet may have. Cats and small dogs may experience adverse reactions to the products that we use. We suggest that you relocate them away from the treatment areas for at least 4 to 6 hours or until the treatment areas are completely dry. Activ will not be held responsible for any adverse reactions by your pets. Activ reserves the right to request copies of receipts for animal treatments.
  • Once the pet is treated, do not bathe the pet with shampoos that contain soaps as these wash off the pet’s natural oils. Choose a natural cleaning remedy such as oatmeal based cleansers. Your veterinarian can recommend products for use as many common flea treatments applied directly to the pet are spread across the skin via the pet’s natural oils. Removing those oils renders the treatment ineffective. We recommend cleaning the pet no more than once per month. Bathing is not a concern with pets that are treated systemically via oral pills.

During The Flea Treatment:

Activ utilizes treatment methods that address all life stages of the flea. Products that provide for a rapid knockdown, long-lasting residual and growth regulation are used in concert to control the flea populations within your residence.

Bathroom and overhead ceiling fans may be turned on upon our departure to facilitate aeration prior to re-entry. Additionally, you may find the seat and sofa cushions turned over and daybeds open when you return.

After The Flea Treatment: 

  • All people and pets must completely vacate the treatment areas until the treatment product are completely dry. We recommend that all people and pets stay out of the treatment areas for a minimum of 4 hours.
  • Vacuum any areas previously infested every day, if possible, for the next two weeks. Vacuuming stimulates the emergence of fleas from pupae and quickly exposes them to the residual treatment. Remember to discard the bags properly. Please understand that if a home is vacant, fleas will sit in waiting for months until a potential host comes along. It is very common to see activity when you or your housekeeper returns in this situation.
  • Be aware that you may still experience flea activity up to thirty days after the treatment and possibly longer if the pet has not been treated or has been exposed to other infested sites such as kennels, groomers, etc. Activ recommends using an ongoing on-pet treatment program (I.E.: Frontline, Advantage). Fleas will live for only a few hours once exposed to the treated areas. This activity may occur in waves as emergence occurs.
  • Do not shampoo the carpet as this removes the residual effect of the treatment.
  • Activ will not provide additional treatments for 10 days after the initial service and will only retreat areas where activity is confirmed by our technicians. We are very cautious about adding pesticides to your living spaces as our products have a sixty-day residual effect.
  • Any questions or concerns you may have can be directed to your technician, or any of our courteous staff!
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